Fake Vacheron Constantin Video. Overseas launch event in Tokyo

The Overseas collection was unveiled at Terrada Souko on Tokyo Bay’s Tennozu Isle. The location provided an exploration of Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas Tour partnership with photographer Steve McCurry, who was also present on that occasion. It provided guests with an exhibition of the first six locations of the artist’s journey, including images of his work in Japan, China, New York, Mexico, India and the replica Vacheron ConstantinManufacture in Geneva.

Chef Yamada created at this occasion a culinary experience reflecting the cultural depth of Japanese cuisine. He honed his skills at El Bulli, the acclaimed three-star restaurant in Catalonia. Nowadays he runs Yamada Chikara, a cozy restaurant located in a quiet alleyway in Tokyo’s Minami azabu district, where he imagines unique fusion dishes.

The guests were thrilled by the special musical performance of the impressive supergroup METAFIVE.

This Overseas launch has been finally marked by the unveil of the next 6 countries of the Overseas Tour: Morocco, Scotland, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, France and Russia Cheap Replica Watches.

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